Married and Paleo

with Scott and Emily LaVigne

About Us

Hello, and welcome to Married And Paleo! This blog is a joint effort from Scott and Emily LaVigne, a husband and wife team questing for cleaner eating and cleaner living! Scott cooks,  Emily photographs.  Scott runs the blog,  and Emily provides the content. Both Scott and Emily clean.  Both parent three boys and are questing to instill clean eating and living in them as well.  Married And Paleo strives to illustrate a real life family learning to live healthier physically,  spiritually, and domestically.  What started as a journey into Paleo eating has made irreversible changes in our thinking about nearly everything.

What can you expect from this blog?

Posts about FOOD!  Scott and I bonded early on through our love of food.  A few years into our marriage, we discovered Paleo.  A year and a half (and a third child!) later,  we have hopped on and off the bandwagon.  We are slowly getting back on track and hope to chronicle our efforts to eat clean as a real life family of five.  Cheat meals included (as of early 2015).

Posts about Paleo and clean eating food companies and products!  We want to let you know what we like as a family,  what works and doesn't work for us,  and why.  We love to support small businesses and companies geared toward clean eating and living.

Posts about clean living!  One side effect of Paleo is that you begin to evaluate your living,  not just your eating.  We hope to bring you posts of epic decluttering,  cleaning madness in a home with three boys,  and simplified healthy cleaning routines that are better for all of us.

Posts about our faith!  We keep the Holy Trinity central in all we do.  We are not perfect by any means,  but in Him we are made new.  Whatever your faith system or belief, we hope to inspire you to look beyond yourself and find purpose in all you do.  We simply want to share what we see God do in our own lives.

Posts about marriage and family life!  We are a blended family with a teenage son that sees his birth mom sometimes and two little boys from our own marriage. We come from different family backgrounds.  We have a loud family that loves to laugh and loves to love each other. We want to share real life with you!
I can't wait to get started!  Click the links in the sidebar to follow us on social media.  We can't wait to connect with all of you!