Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wondering who reads my blog....

Hello all out there who find themselves staring aimlessly at a series of images and sets of text in front of them!!! It is nice to see you and if you have been here before, thanks for coming back. I know that usually my posts do not offer much in the way of wisdom or new ideas about things, but that is not necessarily the reason I blog.

I blog to simply for therapeutic reasons mostly and the fact that I would like to have as many followers as my wife does. LOL!

I do not think that just simple typing away at my keyboard is going to attract anyone just roaming about cyberspace, but I would like to know that there is someone out there who actually can get a chuckle out of some of the things that go on in and around my day to day life. Let me be the first to say that I have been married to the woman of my dreams for over a year now and I still am just as in love with her the first time I saw her. I am not simply saying that because I know she will read this, but hey a few extra points won't kill me and may turn the tide on those days when I am not in a particularly good mood.

I support my wife's new venture into a lifestyle of healthy eating choices. I would like to be able to eat the same things that she does, but I know it won't be as hard to change me as it will be the taste buds of our 8 year-old! Well the time has come when I need to take the mail to our bulk mail facility so I must go!

Monday, August 23, 2010

What a world...

Well, it is that time again to start back to school and I feel odd being a part of that crowd as I am over the age of thirty. I guess there are many who are starting, or restarting their college careers and I should take some comfort in that, but knowing that I am going to be the one studying late at night as well as being the parent of a child who is also attending school. I think that with the wife starting her new blogging about being fit with fiber and low-fat and taking that to meant that I have to constantly find new recipes to incorporate this new diet has come as a bit of shock to me who was schooled in old-style cooking methods like deep fat frying.

I am taking four courses this semester and am excited about the prospect of taking a Biology class, a test that surveys the New Testament of the Bible and also some courses in Youth Studies and Christian Counseling. I am taking these courses through the Online Studies Program through Liberty University. I am a Christian and as such I feel that I should be a patron of Christian Organizations.
That is just a quick update for now. I hope that will hold all of you until next time. Be blessed!

Okay, I had a little more time than I first anticipated. Let me first say that I was not finished talking about the aforementioned subjects, merely that I only had time before to mention them. I welcome this new opportunity to increase my experience in the realm of newer healthier recipes and food preparation. I am happy that my wife has taken a bold step into the healthy lifestyle, I am much more open to it than my 8 year old, but it will take time to fully assimilate. As the Borg say, "Resistance is futile", ha! Now as I bid you a fond adieu I say that we shall all benefit as a society more geared toward healthy living. Be blessed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Weather Channel

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Long time no see friends!

Well inasmuch as I would like to be able to stay current with my current ramblings, it is quite impossible. I have come to the conclusion, through much prayer, that my wife and I should be doing some sort of ministry work with the church at large.  I have my resume out on a couple different ministry website trying to sire myself out to some church that God alone can deem the place where we should be. I feel as though this is a very slow and drawn out process, but my wife continues to tell me that ministry is a slow process and that I should just trust God and know that in His time that things will come to fruition. All that aside, I do know that those things of which she spoke to be true and I am thankful that I have someone like her to remind me even of the things that are most obvious.

I know that I am no great writer or postulator, but I find myself at a crossroads. What that will bring and which road we will travel we do not yet know. We will continue to pray that the Lord will leads us where He wants us to go and the we will be willing. More later....