Saturday, August 20, 2011

Branded by Tim Sinclair

This new book by Tim Sinclair was a fantastic read!

Here is a little about the book:

The church spends $1.5 million for every one new follower of Jesus. Apple sells 26 iPads every minute What is it that makes Apple so exciting and Jesus so boring? What is it that compels someone to bring their iPod everywhere and their Bible nowhere? In a word: marketing. Jesus is a life-changing product with lousy salespeople-people who are intimidated and embarrassed by the word "evangelism" and who show more enthusiasm for their gadgets than their God.

What would life look like if we could market our faith like Nike and Apple market their products? Using examples from these and other successful companies, author Tim Sinclair challenges Christians to throw out their casual attitudes toward faith and sign on for a marketing campaign for the Savior.
Other books on evangelism encourage readers to share their faith but fall short of practical application and fail to address intimidation. Written with the wit and wisdom of an experienced marketer, Branded peels away the feelings of fear and shows readers how to share their faith in ways that are creative, effective . . . and fun!

My take on the book:

Like many others who have read this book, I was too, at first a little apprehensive in what the book represented at the onset. I was quickly amazed at how "spot on" Tim is about the way our culture views Jesus and how we must change the way that He is "marketed". We try too hard, or not at all, sometimes to tell others about the wonderful person Jesus IS. I hear people all the time talk about Jesus as just a story from a book or a fairytale. I also hear people talking about Jesus and wanting to be intentional when they talk to others about Jesus. It is not simply a Saturday morning walk around a neighborhood knocking on doors and inviting people to church. We must take the time to seek out those who do live next door, but not as a solicitor. We need to market ourselves as well as our Savior.

I think the principles that Tim incorporates into the book are ones that many of us in the corporate world are aware of. The question, for me, that comes to mind is; "Should we market Jesus like we market the next big thing to come about?" My answer to this questions is, YES, if it means that one more person gives their heart and life to Jesus Christ, then of course we should! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and although I missed the LitFuse Group tour a little while back I would like to thank them for sending me the book! I rate this book 8 out of 10. Very good take on things Mr. Sinclair.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have already had a request in the book after posting and am forwarding the copy of the book I received to that person free of charge. Let me know if you like one of the books that I have reviewed. :-)