Sunday, May 13, 2012

Forever Hilltop / Saving Grace by Judy Baer

In this most delightful second installment in the Forever Hilltop series you can rest assured that the residents of Grassy Valley will continue to amaze you and cause you to burst out into laughter. The characters that Judy has written into existence come to life fully and vividly. So much so, you could swear you know of people like this. It is a continued picture of what the life of a mid western pastors' life may be like. I hope that if my wife and I are called to minister somewhere other than South Carolina that it could be a place like this little township in North Dakota.

In the first book we have spent the Spring with Alex Armstrong and his friend Dixon. We know that he can only tell Alex so much about the people of Grassy Valley, church members and non-church members alike, that he ministers over so much- the rest he must experience on his own. This next book picks up right off where the first book leaves off; with Summer and goes into the harvest time. You find people that were once estranged find common ground as they come together to help sustain the town they care so much about.

I HIGHLY recommend this series. I was so upset when the first book ended and there was not another available to read and continue to find out about the folks in the book. These characters come to life so that you find yourself thinking about them long after you put the book down. (Not that I put it down for long!) I really enjoyed this book and I am sure that you will. I raved about it so much to my wife that she started reading in and we are talking about the characters and what not. I can't wait to find out what she  has to say about Alex and Natalie. Those of you who have read these books know what I am talking about and also about what will happen with Dixon's sister Emily.

I received this book from LitFuse Publicity free of charge. In return I am providing a review. It was my pleasure reading and reviewing this book. I give this book a 10 out of 10. I can not wait to see what Judy has in store for us in the next installment.

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About the book:
The charming and often hilarious Forever Hilltop series follows the experiences of former city dweller Alex Armstrong as he settles into his new role as pastor of a Scandinavian community in rural North Dakota. Alex is sometimes baffled by his parishioners and their colorful ways, but he comes to appreciate their simple wisdom. One thing's for sure -- life in Hilltop Township is never dull! This new two-in-one format features An Unlikely Blessing along with its sequel, Surprising Grace.

In An Unlikely Blessing, Alex Armstrong is a former city dweller who has just accepted his first parish assignment to a small community in the wilds of North Dakota. In Hilltop Township, Pastor Alex becomes familiar with the residents and their odd traditions, from julebukking to King Oscar's fish balls. And then there's the excitement the single pastor creates among the unmarried women in the community! Alex soon discovers that his new church home has as much to teach him as he has to teach them.

In Surprising Grace, Alex Armstrong is settling into his new role as pastor of Hilltop Church, and he's even starting to understand the strange ways of the people who populate this barren stretch of North Dakota prairie. But he also finds that his flock needs help and counsel like he never imagined. In this cozy and entertaining read, Alex must choose between the woman he once loved -- and the home he's come to love.
About Judy:
Judy Baer was born and grew up on a farm on the prairies of North Dakota, experiencing many of the same things as her Hilltop characters. An only child, she spent most of her days with imaginary people-either those she read about or those she made up in her head. 
Baer graduated from Concordia College with majors in English and education and a minor in religion. While at the time, she was simply studying what interested her, Baer later realized that she was educating herself for her future career as a Christian writer. She certainly put her education to use as she is the author of more than 75 books. 
A certified professional life coach now certified in three coaching disciplines, Baer coaches primarily professional and aspiring writers. She is also a faculty advisor in the Department of Human Development at St. Mary's University in Minneapolis, MN. Baer has two daughters and three step children. She and her husband live in Minnesota. 
She invites you to visit her at her web site for more information on her and her books.  

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